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In this on-going review of Insanity blog series, the truth behind the Insanity 60-day weight loss program is revealed with a play-by-play description of what the program is really like – and more importantly – if Insanity really works!

Day 3 of Insanity was just as intense and mind-blowing as the Plyometric Cardio Circuit workout was, and it was also a lot of fun, which was a total bonus! The Cardio Power and Resistance routine does a great job of marrying up extremely high-tempo cardiovascular training with plenty of great resistance training at the same time.

Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance
Insanity Cardio
Power and Resistance
The workout starts out with a similar “warm up” routine as the other workouts, and just as with the others, the warm up alone will leave you winded, sweaty, and wondering what you have gotten yourself into! Nonetheless, it is easy to see even during the first few workouts of Insanity that the cardiovascular and muscular endurance needed to really excel and get great results will come sooner, rather than later – just due to the sheer intensity of the program.

After the heart-pumping intensity of a 10 1/2 minute warm-up, the video goes into a 7-minute stretching routine to get you ready for the rest of the workout. The stretches are a challenge, though, and Shaun T constantly reminds you of the necessity of stretching, as well as how to get the most out of each movement. Also, the stretching routine does cool-down your heart rate a bit in order to get you prepared for the serious challenge of the remaining part of the workout.

Cardio Power and Resistance

The first wave of exercises include a very effective combination of cardio and resistance. In order, the first 4 exercises are: Power Jumps, Belt Kicks, Hit the Floor, and V Push-ups. Power Jumps are especially difficult and will wipe out your air supply in under 30 seconds, but then you’ve still got 3 more exercises to go before you get a break.

The first 4 exercises are each done for 30 seconds, back-to-back, leaving you with 2 solid minutes of intensity that will probably seem at first like it lasts a lot longer than 2 minutes… Once you survive that first wave, you only get a 30-second break before you repeat that sequence even faster than the first time, then you repeat it yet again at an even higher level of intensity.

As if over 6 minutes of all-out intensity wasn’t enough of a challenge, after finishing all 3 sets of the first wave of exercises, you then do a full minute of challenging Tricep exercises that will leave the back of your arms on fire.

The Next Wave

By the time you get to the second wave of exercises, you are pretty much wiped out and ready to go hide in a cool, dark room with a ceiling fan and an air conditioning unit, but this workout still has several more minutes of intensity left before the fun is over.

The next wave of exercises includes Hurdle Jumps, Globe Jumps, Moving Push-ups, and Floor Sprints, all once again done back-to-back before getting a 30-second break. The jump movements are as hard as they sound, Moving Push-ups make an already awesome exercise even more difficult, and by the time you get to Floor Sprints, it’s more like “floor walks,” because you can barely even hold yourself up off the floor, let alone do any actual sprinting.

Once again, Shaun T throws in a final knock-out punch at the end of the workout, just in case – by some wild chance – you aren’t already feeling like a heart attack might be in your near future…

The final exercise is a series of 8 Hop Squats followed immediately by 8 Push-ups, and you do that series 3 times in a row with no break. Between the hopping up and down and the Push-ups, the final exercise uses your entire body, and every ounce of oxygen that you have left as well.


Overall, Cardio Power and Resistance is a very intense workout, it is very effective, and it – like other Insanity workouts – is mercifully short. Despite the fact that it will leave you exhausted and gasping for air, and despite the fact that it does a great job of working your body from both a cardio and a resistance perspective, the whole disc is only about 40 minutes long.

That leaves you plenty of time to lay on the floor in a pool of your own sweat, just happy to be alive!

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