No one gets the long-term health and weight loss benefits from making a half-baked effort at attaining their goals. If you want to lose weight, get in shape, and learn how to make health and fitness a LIFESTYLE, then Team Freedom Fitness is a great place for you to be!

Team Freedom Fitness is owned by Shanna and Aaron Potts, two people just like you who have struggled with learning realistic methods of losing weight, getting in shape, and feeling confident, healthy, and energetic.

Shanna and Aaron Potts - Fitness and Business CoachesWe now share our knowledge of health and fitness with others, and coach them to attain the same incredible results that we have!

The workouts and nutrition programs that we specialize in are home-based exercise systems, and nutrient-packed foods that equal health, weight loss, and high levels of energy.

Our goal is to help YOU to be successful, so if you have come here looking for help and companionship on your own fitness journey, we are looking forward to being on that journey with you!

Use any of the navigation on this site to find more than enough information to get you started, or click the graphic below to learn about our specific offerings. We are looking forward to being a part of YOUR success!



Aaron M. Potts
Aaron’s Coaching Page
Aaron Potts | Create Your Badge
Shanna de Potts
Shanna’s Coaching Page
Shanna de Potts | Create Your Badge

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