P90X Review Day 1, Chest and Back and Ab Ripper X


The P90X chest and back workout is no joke! It is as intense as they claim it is, and at the same time it is fun, and radically effective!

Even as difficult as it was, Tony Horton does a great job of both motivating you to really push your limits, while at the same time encouraging you to take breaks when you need them. There are also several water breaks when you can catch your breath, and plenty of time devoted to warming up, as well as cooling down.

The Exercises

This workout is divided up into 2 “rounds”. You run through the entire workout once, then they change things up a bit and run you through the entire thing a second time. By the second time around, you are truly grateful that you are on the downhill slide towards the end of the workout!

Exercises during this workout include: Standard Push-ups, Wide Front Pull-ups, Military Push-ups, Reverse Grip Chin-ups, Wide Fly Push-Ups, Closed Grip Overhand Pull-ups, Decline Push-ups, Heavy Pants, Diamond Push-ups, Lawnmower, Dive Bomber Push-ups, Back Flyes

Ab Ripper X

By the time you get to Ab Ripper X, if you are working out with a buddy, you are hugging and giving each other high-fives, and in some cases, you may actually feel like crying with joy because the chest and back workout is over! However, the ab routine is approximately 16 more minutes of fun, and although your chest and back get a break, your abs will be screaming for mercy in no time.

Exercises during Ab Ripper X include: In & Outs, Seated Bicycle (forward and reverse), Seated Crunchy Frog, Wide Leg Sit-ups, Fifer Scissors, Hip Rock n’ Raise, Pulse Ups, V-up Roll-up, Oblique V-ups, Leg Climbs, and Mason Twist


The chest and back workout is very challenging, yet very effective. The specific exercises that were chosen not only get the job done, but they are put together in an order that allows you to use a different muscle group while the previous muscle group is recuperating.

Notice the word “recuperating” rather than “resting”. There are no significant “rest” periods during the entire 45+ minute workout.

Ab Ripper X incorporates a few “standard” abdominal exercises, but overall it is a very unique and well-rounded abdominal workout. Each exercise is only done once, for a total of 25 repetitions, so even as challenging as it is, you only have to make it through one time.

Overall, the Chest and Back workout and the Ab Ripper X workout live up to the P90X standards of intensity and effectiveness, yet at the same time plenty of encouragement and motivation are given. Tony and the other people in the video make it fun, the music keeps you going, and you end the workout with a smile on your face, even though you are completely wiped out.

2 thumbs up!

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