Insanity Before and After Pictures and Fit Test Results


Buy Insanity Asylum!Wow…I can’t believe it’s finally done! My wife Shanna and I just did our last Insanity workout, and we are officially done with the 60-day program. It was awesome!

Yes, I mean awesome in a “Wow, that is probably the hardest thing that I’ve ever done” kind of way, but awesome nonetheless!

See, that’s the thing with the home workout programs that Beachbody produces – they make you work hard! There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to attaining a high level of fitness, or in losing that extra body fat. If you want results, ya gotta do the work!

Work is exactly what Shanna and I have been doing for the past 60 days straight, and the results speak for themselves. Check out the Insanity before and after pictures below, and be sure to see the staggering Fit Test results as well.

Not only did we lose a bunch of body fat, but we are both in drastically better physical condition than we were when we first started the program. I most definitely recommend that you check out Insanity for yourself, and Shanna and I are both Beachbody Coaches, so we’d be happy to help you every step of the way – no charge!

Also, now that we have jacked up our cardiovascular and muscular endurance to previously unheard of levels, we are going to start a 2nd round of P90X.

Insanity Before and After Pictures Shanna
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Insanity before and after pictures Shanna Front

Insanity before and after pictures Shanna Side

Insanity before and after pictures Shanna Back

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Insanity Before and After Pictures Aaron
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Insanity before and after pictures Aaron Front

Insanity before and after pictures Aaron Side

Insanity before and after pictures Aaron Back

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Insanity Fit Test Results

Insanity Fit Test Exercise Definitions:

  • Switch Kicks – standing up straight and alternately kicking each leg out in front as high as you can.
  • Squat Jacks – jumping jacks, only in Squat Jacks you go down into a full squat at the end of every repetition.
  • Power Knees – standing up straight with your hands interlaced overhead, and then bringing 1 knee up at an angle across your body as many times as you can.
  • Power Jumps – down into a full squat and then leaping up into the air as far as you can.
  • Globe Jumps – one hop back, one hop to the right, one hop forward, and one hop to the left equals 1 repetition.
  • Suicide Jumps – from a standing position down into a plank position, then back to standing and then leap straight into the air.
  • Push Up Jacks – regular push ups, only you spread your feet wide apart and then bring them back together on every single repetition
  • Low Plank Obliques – from a plank position, keep your upper body totally still while alternatively bringing each knee up as close to your shoulders as possible.

Insanity Fit Test Results Shanna

MOVE DAY 1 Day 60
Switch Kicks 72 150
Squat Jacks 30 66
Power Knees 60 116
Power Jumps 22 56
Globe Jumps 7 12
Suicide Jumps 12 22
Push Up Jacks 16 50
Low Plank Obliques 28 75

Insanity Fit Test Results Aaron

MOVE DAY 1 Day 60
Switch Kicks 110 145
Squat Jacks 31 69
Power Knees 49 94
Power Jumps 25 41
Globe Jumps 6 13
Suicide Jumps 11 19
Push Up Jacks 22 42
Low Plank Obliques 28 67

As you can see in Shanna’s case as well as my own, most of the Fit Test results were as much as TWICE what we started with, and often times even more than that. I can’t emphasize enough how much your cardiovascular and muscular endurance gets enhanced by doing Insanity!


What can I say? Insanity rocks! It’s hard, and it will push you up to and then over any limits that you previously had, but that’s okay, because that is where the results are!

Shanna and I learned a lot about how to get the most out of the program, and we would be happy to share that information with anyone who is interested in getting some great results from Insanity.

Buy Insanity Now!If we would have known at the beginning what we know now, our results would have been even better than the great results that you just saw and read about.

If we do Insanity again in the future, we will certainly apply what we learned.

Grab your own copy of Insanity, or check out the P90X page for more info on that awesome program. Either way, ACT NOW to make your future the best it has ever been!

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49 Responses to Insanity Before and After Pictures and Fit Test Results

  1. scott leaver says:

    I coming off some broken ribs and I’m going to start Insanity November 30th. I’ve had the program for about a month. But, I am truly interested in any pointers you have to make it even more effective for myself.

    Thanks for all the reviews, very informative.


  2. Aaron Potts says:


    My pleasure! Insanity is an awesome program, and I’m glad I could help people to see it in more detail. Now that we are done, my wife and I are doing P90X starting Nov 16th.

    As to the tips, here is a copy and paste that I put in an email to someone else who asked me the same question. It’s a little lengthy, but good info. Use it to get the most out of the 60 days, and take it easy on those ribs!

    1. If possible, do your workout AFTER your largest meal of the day. Insanity is primarily a cardiovascular workout, which means that once the workout stops, the calorie burning stops. We had to workout mid-day, so we still had a snack or two and the dinner meal AFTER our workout every day, which wasn’t ideal. We have moved our workout time to 8:30pm each day for P90X.
    2. Go with a very controlled intake of carbohydrates. Again, since Insanity is very much about the cardio, you don’t need the kind of carbohydrate energy that you need during P90X to power all of those “X-like” muscular movements. When doing cardio, your body can get a very large percentage of the calories that it needs by burning through body fat. If you eat too many carbs, your body will chew through those first, leaving your body fat right where it is.
    3. Eat GOOD carbs. Yes, you do still need to take in enough carbohydrates to power your life, and to make up the difference that your body can’t keep up with during the Insanity workouts. However, simple sugars and processed foods are NOT good carbs. Eat small portions of wheat pastas, whole grain breads, etc., in order to keep your body fueled with quality energy. Do your best to give up the simple sugars completely, or at least cut out as many as you can.
    4. Don’t be fooled by the intensity of the Insanity workouts. During month 1, even though I have a background in personal training, I was initially shocked at how hard the workouts were, and I felt like I could eat more total calories each day as a result. Weight loss comes from creating a caloric deficit each and every day, so even though the Insanity workouts are some of the hardest workouts ever created, that doesn’t give you permission to skip the nutritional guidelines.
    5. Eat lots of protein. During a program like P90X, it is obviously important to eat a lot of protein, but even during a cardio-based program like Insanity, protein is still very important. Your body still needs quality protein to recover from those daily Insanity beatings, and it also cranks up your metabolism when your body has to break down protein for muscle repair. As an added bonus, if you eat straight protein (egg whites, chicken breasts, etc.) in place of some of your daily carb intake, you’ll get double the weight loss effect results from your daily caloric intake.
    6. If possible, throw in some morning cardio. As intense as Insanity is, that doesn’t mean that you can’t crank up the calorie burning outside of the workouts. During Month 2 of the program, I ran outside twice a week in the morning before ingesting any carbohydrates, and that forced my body to burn off extra body fat. Even if you can only pull off an early-morning cardio session once or twice a week, it is still well worth the effort.
  3. Darla says:

    Thank you for posting your info. I have ordered insanity and am feeling almost afraid after reading the things I’ve been reading. Obviously you feel better because your clothes fit different. Was Shanna doing something else with this program? and how do you both “feel” different from before and now after completing the 60 days?
    Way to go to both of you!!

  4. Aaron Potts says:

    Thanks, Darla! It was an awesome journey, and yes, we do both feel AWESOME! Insanity is such a great weight loss program that people don’t think about what a great FITNESS program it is as well.

    Both Shanna and myself drastically increased our cardiovascular and muscular endurance, not to mention our core stability, flexibility, and even agility. It truly is a great overall fitness program.

    We both did P90X quite awhile ago, but then had a break for almost a year because I was away at a military tech school. Now that we have the many physical benefits of having done Insanity, we are going to tackle P90X again starting Nov. 16th.

    P90X is a seriously awesome program, but the first time we did it we did not have nearly the level of physical fitness that we have now. With our present level of cardiovascular and muscular endurance – thanks to Insanity – we are going to blow the lid off of our P90X results this time around.

    Our goal is to be in “swimsuit model” shape by the end of P90X, which will be Valentine’s Day, 2010. We live in central Florida, so that is also pretty close to swim suit season as well! :)

  5. Aaron says:

    I’ve been doing P90X for about 130 days and I absolutely love it. I’m not getting incredible results, cause like you said about not being as fit before as you are this time around, I’m not lean to begin with. The awesome results really are from people that were already lean and in good/decent shape to begin with. I’ve also not been eating right. And your tips for what/how to eat are very helpful. When I finish my second go of the “Lean” routine, I’m going to look into this Insanity then go back to P90X. I like what I’m reading about your results. Good job guys. And everyone else that’s done this or is doing it or P90X: BRING IT! And for anyone that is thinking about trying it; just do it. I tell you right now, I was in no shape to even start P90X, and it was hard. Especially the Plyo. My asthma killed me with the Plyo. But I’ve stuck with it and I tell you what…if I can do it, you can do it. Just get outta your head about “Oh I can’t…”, because you can.

  6. Aaron Potts says:


    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences with P90X!

    As you indicated, sticking with the program and eating right are critical parts of the process. The Beachbody products (P90X, Insanity, etc.) DO get the job done, but they get the job done by people BRINGING IT during the workouts, and also sticking to the nutrition plans.

    The best workout program in the world won’t bring results if you don’t follow the directions, and keep your head on straight. :)

    Thanks, Aaron!

  7. Rhonda says:


    Thank you for keeping this blog. I bought the Insanity workout about a month ago and it has been great. I have only been able to get the workout in a few times a week and I am lacking on eating well. But just by doing this I have already seen results. I have gotten back to pre-baby weight, although not as toned. I appreciate you and Shanna posting your photos. It really motivates me to keep going. I used to run track and this it he hardest thing I have done in 8 years. Again thank you for the motivation. Best of luck with P90, I tried that too, but I am going to follow your advice. It makes sound sense! I wish you fun in the sun during swimsuit season in Florida.

  8. Aaron Potts says:


    Congratulations on taking the Insanity challenge! As you’ve already seen, it is quite the challenge indeed, but the results are well worth it.

    Don’t beat yourself up too much if you don’t stick to 100% of the schedule or if you don’t eat 100% correctly. Just DIG DEEPER during every single workout that you do, and eat properly as often as possible.

    Being in shape is not about being perfect, but rather about making better choices MOST of the time.

    I’ll be sure to share with Shanna that you appreciated us posting the photos. As a woman, she wasn’t too sure about doing that at first, but now she sends the URL of this blog post to just about everyone she talks to! 😉

    Keep up the great work, Rhonda, and please let me know if you have any questions along the way. I’d be glad to help you out!

  9. Tina says:

    Our (me and my boyfriend are doing this together) Insanity workout is in the mail and on its way!! We’re pretty excited yet nervous about the program. My question is this…I have read several reviews on the program yet no one has stated that they would be doing it again. Is the program one that should be a one time good deal or can we go right back into it and start again? Or should we take a break (maybe a week of no Insanity what so ever) after the first time then get back into it? Like I said I haven’t read of anyone doing it upon finishing the first time and I would hate to think I have a great workout yet will only use it once.

  10. Aaron Potts says:

    Hey, Tina – congrats on making the decision to take on the Insanity challenge! It is exactly that, and you will LOVE the results that you get!

    Yes, can absolutely do Insanity again! I would definitely recommend a break in between, however, just to give your body a chance to fully recover over the course of a week or so.

    Also, you don’t necessarily have to go the “all or nothing” route, either. Insanity is a primarily (although not completely) cardiovascular program, as compared to a program like P90X that works a lot more on muscular development in addition to cardio.

    My wife and I are doing P90X right now after having graduated from Insanity, and we are doing a hybrid workout. P90X has 2 cardiovascular workouts (Kenpo X and Plyo X), but after finishing Insanity, we are in such great cardiovascular shape that Kenpo and Plyo are not as challenging for us as the Insanity workouts, so we sometimes do an Insanity video instead of a P90X cardio workout.

    There is no 1 program that anyone should do over and over and over again, but yes, Insanity can be repeated, as can P90X, or you can do some sort of hybrid workout like we are doing.

    Have fun with Insanity when you get it, Tina, and don’t forget to log all of your workouts into WOWY!

  11. matt says:

    hello, i just started insanity and love it. What happends when i finish my 60days? Do i start again or is there a recommended maintenacce workout?

  12. Aaron Potts says:


    Insanity is awesome – and intense – as you have already seen! It gets more intense as you go forward, so I would not recommend doing the program over and over again without doing other workouts in between.

    My wife and I did P90X, then Insanity, and now we are doing P90X again, with Insanity workouts thrown in 2 or 3 times per week, rather than every day.

    In the future, we are moving on to RevABS, but will probably stick with Insanity on at least a part-time basis because it is hands-down the most effective cardiovascular training program that we’ve ever seen!

  13. Sarah says:

    I am amazed by your results! I am currently doing P90X (Lean) because I don’t really want to lose any weight. I am actually just looking to gain stamina and build muscle. But read about the Insanity program and decided to try it next. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your pictures. So many people use generic poses in their before photos then pose for their after poses. Its so frustrating! So thank you for using the same background and poses!

  14. Aaron Potts says:


    You are absolutely very welcome! We thought the same thing seeing other people’s before and after pictures, so we try to use the same location, the same clothes, and the same poses. That way you can see side by side results, not just Hollywood poses! :)

    I’m glad we have inspired you to get Insanity, Sarah! It is a an AWESOME program. Even though we are going through our 2nd round of P90X right now, we still throw in the Insanity cardio workouts 2 or 3 times a week, and it really gets the job done.

    Keep up the great work, Sarah! :)

    p.s. – If you’re on Facebook, feel free to send a friend request! I am at

  15. Marie says:

    Hi! I have just started the Insanity program today! JUST finished the fit test. I am a vegetarian, and know I am not getting the proper protein I need. I have looked into different protein shakes to use as a meal replacement, but don’t want something that will make me gain weight. Any suggestions on what I can take to get the proper nutrition, but still burn fat at the same time? Thanks!

  16. Aaron Potts says:

    Hey, Marie!

    Congrats on starting Insanity! As you have already seen from the Fit Test, the program is no joke! You’ll do awesome, though, as long as you keep pushing play and doing your best!

    You do want to make sure that you get ENOUGH protein during Insanity so that your muscles can recover and be powered up for the next workout, but there is no need to overdo it if you don’t want to put on additional muscle mass.

    My wife and I use a combination of Beachbody’s Shakeology (1 for 1 carb to protein ratio) along with casein protein for sustained protein delivery. You can pick up casein protein at any local health food/supplement store, and you can check out Shakeology at

    Do you have a Beachbody Coach that you are working with, Marie? If not, be sure to sign up for free at and I’ll be able to give you one on one support during your 60-day transformation! :)

  17. Demetrius says:

    You guy look great in your after pictures. I noticed more of a drastic changes in Rhonda more than Aaron. I see the definiton in Aarons abs starting to come through but Rhonda loss weight with this program. I’m at the home stretch of Insanity with 6 days left. My body changed just like yours Aaron with my 6 pack starting to show really well. I’m more toned and really didn’t loose much weight but loss 3 inches off my waste. my chest and shoulders are more defined and legs are stronger and toned. I’m going to take a week off to rest my body and do it as my cardio 3 times a week mixed with p90x. I haven’t seen my abs like this in 16 years and in only two months with hard work I finally got them back but I won’t stop there. Insanity is part of my lifestyle now.

  18. Heather says:

    My question is more for Shanna. I am a 28 year old mommy and I have done p90x and tomorrow will be my last day of Insanity! However, I am very discouraged because i did not really lose any weight/inches with either program. I think my problem is my diet. I wrote down everything I ate for a month and I was eating around 1200 calories a day and working out at least once everyday. I have a desk job so i sit all day long (except working out on my lunch break and then i work out again when i get home) so i was wondering what your diet consisted of. Please help! I love both these programs but i need to see some results! i only have 10-15 lbs to lose which i know can be the hardest sometimes but some advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

  19. Hello Heather,

    Congrats on your hard work and continuing to push play. You have alot of great information here. However, in order for me to really help you dial this down I have more questions to ask.

    Please contact me at either my Coach page: or you can reach me at my personal email:, and last but not least the fastest way to reach me is facebook!

    I am on there daily Coaching my clients and helping them dial their health and and fitness down to get the best results they can. Together we can get you on the right path and on track with getting the results you want from both P90X and Insanity.

    Shanna de Potts
    Coach Sunnyde

  20. Tracey says:

    Hi Shanna and Aaron

    Great Results, you must both feel so proud. I am on my second day of Insanity it is really hard. I do rest frequently throughout the DVD. I am worried i am not benefiting as much from the workouts and advice..


  21. Hello Tracey

    We are very proud Tracey. We have changed our bodies and health so much in the last year it is glorious!

    Insanity is just that Insane. You are going to take breaks, and do not worry about that. You are just getting started, take it one day at a time. Make sure to take the breaks when you need to and then jump right back in.

    I have exercises induced asthma and Crohn’s disease so I break all the time when I need it and do my best! You need to not worry about it and do just that.

    I would LOVE to Coach you through the program, you can request me as your Coach if you do not already have one at my Coach link, just go to Join:

    This will allow me to encourage you and guide you along the way. I have had many clients get great results from Insanity and I would love to help you do the same thing if you are interested. Just join me.

    Shanna de
    Coach Sunnyde

  22. Emily says:

    You guys look GREAT! I would like to start the insanity program but I have about 60 -70 lbs to lose…I was wondering if I would be able to do this program or if I should start smaller? I would really appreciate some advice…

    Thank you,

  23. Hello Emily,

    Thanks for the compliment we worked really hard for those results. You could used Insanity, all the workouts can be modified. Beachbody creates their programs to always have a modifier in the videos doing each exercise to make it more doable for everyone. I even have a Coach on my Team that was doing them on the wall when she first started, because she could not yet do them on her knees. You just do you best, and you will get results.

    With Insanity remember you most likely will not keep up with the athletes on the video, take breaks when you need to and just give it your all. You will really want to dial down the nutrition since you are doing cardio. So eat to fuel the workouts. When you do cardio you get a great body fat burn going while doing the program and for a little bit afterwards. However, programs like P90X and Rev Abs that have resistance training you will have the burn last a lot longer even hours after finishing the work outs.

    If you would like my help, you can go to my link and purchase Insanity. and with the purchase at my link you also get a FREE 20 minute DVD called “Fast & Furious” with Shaun T.

    I would LOVE to work with you and help you achieve your fitness goals. Let me know what steps you would like to take next. You can also contact me at: and click on the contact button and I am there to help get you started on this fitness journey. ~ Shanna de

  24. Jim says:

    Hi guys, Wow, you are both very inspiring. Those are some great before and after pictures. I ordered Insanity last night. My 18 yr. old son and I will be doing this together. I am 48 yrs. old and in fairly good shape. We would both like to add some muscle to our frames and also lose as much body fat as possible. Do you have any suggestions for adding muscle,while doing insanity? We would love to have you and Aaron be our coaches during our insane ride.

    Sincerely, Jim

  25. Josue says:

    Hello, i just happened to stumble upon this website and i am very inspired in continuing the Insanity. I just barely started doing the Insanity workouts and just like it’s name, it IS Insane!
    I just wanted to ask you Aaron, what are some of the correct ways to eat while doing Insanity?

  26. Aaron Potts says:

    Josue – Congrats on starting Insanity – it’s an AWESOME program!!

    I would just use the nutrition guide that came with Insanity – it will give you plenty of information about what to eat, portion sizes, etc.

    Alternatively, you can join the Beachbody Club and use their very cool Meal Planner. Here’s the link:

  27. Jess says:

    Hi guys,

    I have a question regarding previous injuries. I played soccer for 15 years which resulted in some knee problems, but the more serious injury is a fractured spine as a result of the rugby I played for 2 years in college. Obviously I’m very used to playing physical sports, but as an architecture major I could not play and put on about 50 pounds. I have now graduated and want to lose the weight, but I’m a bit concerned about the intensity of the workouts with such a significant weight loss goal, and especially because of my back injury. Should I try Insanity? Are the exercises very taxing on your back?


  28. Aaron Potts says:


    There is a lot of jumping during the Insanity workouts, so I would definitely get a doctor’s clearance before taking it on. I would also suggest a program that strengthens your back without all of the jumping, and then maybe take on Inanity after that. P90X would be perfect because although there is one jumping workout (Plyo X), you could substitute that workout video with something less intense. The other P90X workouts would be fine for you, and there are several that focus specifically on strengthening your back. You can learn more about P90X by clicking on through to the product page.

  29. Rachel says:


    I just started the insanity challenge tonight and i’m a little excited/scared for the rest to come. I have about 80lbs to lose and have started working out regularily for the past 6 months or so. I have been doing tae bo until now and was intrigued the the insanity challenge. I am voloptuous, however i have a lot of strength do push through workouts. Do you think insanity will help me achieve my goals?

  30. Aaron Potts says:

    Hi, Rachel!

    Yes, Insanity will definitely help you out. Just take it easy and listen to your body. If you still have 80 lbs or so to lose, then that is a lot of pressure on your joints, especially your knees. You want to push yourself to your absolute limits, but not BEYOND your limits.

    Also, nutrition is very important when doing Insanity, since the workouts are primarily cardiovascular in nature. You burn A TON of calories during each workout, so back that up with solid nutrition, and you’ll start dropping weight fast.

    If you are not already working with a Beachbody Coach to help you through your programs, I would be happy to help you out, Rachel. You can get signed for free at

    Looking forward to being in your corner and helping you out! :)

  31. Gianina says:

    hey, congratulations on the weight loss !
    i was planning on starting the insanity workout yesterday, however i’m getting my wisdom teeth removed this friday, and i want the workout to be a continuous thing for me so i won’t start till maybe next week.

    i know this sounds so negative of me, but i have doubts that insanity will slim me down to where i want myself to be. i see the results in your pictures, as well as many others, and insanity obviously works and is a great fitness program. but there’s something in my head that makes me feel like for whatever reason it won’t be the same for me.

    how would you suggest that i handle the workouts when i tire out a bit easier than most, and not to lose my confidence that insanity will eventually get me to where i want to be?

  32. Aaron Potts says:


    I definitely agree with you about waiting until after your teeth are healed. Insanity is a tough routine that you would have a hard time with if your jaw is hurting. I recently got some work done myself, so I can attest to that 100%.

    As far as you feeling that you won’t get results if you tire too easily, the trick is to just always do YOUR best – whatever that is. As long as you TRULY give your very best to every single workout, and you stick to the nutritional guidelines that the program gives you, you’ll get results.

    Just back off on intensity rather than cutting short any of the workouts. If you work really hard for 10 minutes, but then have to quit, you won’t get as much out of it than if you finished the entire workout, but at a lower intensity level.

    Be sure to sign up for free Coaching if you haven’t already, and we will be more than happy to help you as you go through the program. You can do this, Gianina – don’t sell yourself short!

    Here’s the sign up link for free Coaching:

  33. lulu says:

    Hey Aaron, I’ve been doing Insanity for a month, im on the recovery week right now, and i just wanted to know when you started seeing results, or notice any weight loss. I’ve noticed my legs, arms and upper ab area tone up a little but, to be honest i expected more results by now. I started doing insanity to be thinner but also just overall fit. My goal is to lose 10-15 pounds. I’ve only lost about 3, any thoughts?

    Thanks, Lulu

  34. Peter says:

    I’m 21, and just came across this. I’m really excited to give it my all. I’m in decent shape, but I think that endurance has been a weakness for me. What advice do you have for my situation?

  35. Aaron Potts says:

    Peter – Insanity will give you endurance like you’ve probably never had before in your life! In the beginning, though, just take it easy and listen to your body. Don’t try to do as many repetitions as they do in the videos and/or trying to do the exercises as perfectly/intensely as they do in the videos. Just do YOUR very best – whatever that is for you – and you’ll see great results from Insanity!

  36. Aaron Potts says:

    Lulu – I’m a bit late getting in a response to your comment, so please do give me an update so I can help you make sure you’re getting the most out of the program. By the end of Month 1, you should definitely be seeing some results if your nutrition is on track.

    You are seeing some physical results (awesome!), and 3 lbs of weight loss is a step in the right direction. I would expect that your nutrition probably needs to be fine-tuned a bit, so give me an update and some details on your daily nutrition and we’ll go from there. :)

  37. Allie says:

    Congrats on all of your hard work! I am 5’6 about 148 pounds. Im looking to lose 20 pounds. My question is do you need a partner to help you through the program? I would love my boyfriend to do insanity but he has a negative attitude and just says, “i know I cant do it”. Thanks!!

  38. Aaron Potts says:

    Sounds like a stellar opportunity to prove to him what’s possible when you apply yourself, Allie!

    No, you do not need a partner to do Insanity. If you have one – then great, but you can do it and get the great results with nothing but yourself and your DVD player! :)

    Be sure to log your workouts into the WOWY Online Supergym for accountability and the daily prize giveaways:

  39. kerri b says:

    I know this was posted a while ago, but great work! I’m starting insanity tonight, and I won’t lie, I’m scared! Any pointers? Id be interested in herring you as coaches, too! Please email me if you ever see this!

  40. Aaron Potts says:

    Hey, Kerri! :)

    Don’t be scared – just be cautious! It’s a tough program, but as long as you listen to your body and don’t overdo it, you’ll be just fine.

    Also, don’t try to keep up with the people in the video if you start to struggle. They’ve all been through the program already, so even though you can tell they are still working, they have more experience than you’ll have your first time through.

    Make sure that you follow the nutrition guide that came with the program, too. You have to eat right to have the energy for the workouts, and also to get the best results. Don’t be afraid to eat more protein than you’ve probably eaten in the past – you’re body will need it, believe me!

    Head on over to and get signed up with Shanna as your free Fitness Coach (just click the “Join” button). That way we’ll both be sure to keep you in the loop moving forward as we continue to share how to get the most out of programs like Insanity, P90X, etc.

    Looking forward to being in your corner, Kerri! :)

    p.s. – If you’re on Facebook, be sure to look us both up there as well:

  41. Angela says:

    Hi Shanna and Aaron,
    Thank you for sharing your results and insight. How can I find you on the beach body website to request coaching from you? My husband and I are very interested in beginning Insanity.

  42. Cassie says:

    Hi I am currently going on my third week of Insanity I am about 5″4 & weighing 142 pounds. I have only lost 2 pounds since I started :/ My goal weight is 120. That is how much I weighted before I had my son who is about to turn two. I actually still feel extremely bloated & I am very frustrated. I eat correctly, I don’t cheat & I ALWAYS dig deep! Can somebody please help me I don’t understand what I am doing wrong!

  43. Angela, Let me first apologize with the tardiness of the reply. Life has been so busy the last month of the year and the new year has been no different. So I am just now getting to this email.

    We are SO EXCITED to hear you like our results and that you and your husband are going to do Insanity. We would LOVE to help you with your results. Or if you are reading this and you started Insanity but did not finish, or did not get the results you want WE are here for you!!

    You can send me an email to get you started or back on track at shannapotts @ and I reply to you within 24 hours to help YOU get the results you want. It is a great INSANE program, just did some yesterday myself and when you have support in the journey you will get better results and stick with it.

    Or if you are on Facebook friend me at and send me a note and we can get started right away as I am Coaching on facebook daily with our Clients. Can not wait to help YOU with your results!

  44. Cassie ~ Thank you so much for reaching out to us. Insanity is Insane and WILL get you results when you continue to push play and stay on top of your nutrition. Okay a few things I want you to remember when it comes to these programs:

    The scale is NOT always our friend. With many of these programs the scale might not move for a few weeks, but the inches our melting away and clothes are getting bigger. THAT means you are losing.

    I have my Clients ONLY get on the scale 1x a week, just to check, but the real deal is after 30 days of Month One and we take the photos and measurements, and WOW you will see it, even if the scale does not say it.

    You might not be eating enough, that is real important to feed/fuel your body to get the results you want. I am sure it is not something you are doing WRONG just some things you might have not thought about, or we need to dial down for you. We are here for YOUR Success every step of the way.

    I would LOVE to be your personal Coach and help you get back to the 120. You can send me a note and shannapotts @, or you can friend me on Facebook and I am on there every day Coaching my Clients with achieving their goals.

  45. Courtnae says:

    Would you recommend doing something like P90X (and graduating from it) before trying the Insanity program?

  46. Danielle says:

    hi, i am about to get insanity and im real excited but i read how ur suppose to work out afta your last or largest meal and for me that’s not possible i wrk constantly and ima student the only times i .have open to work out is n the morning occasionally i would b able to fit in a run afta wrk @nights or sum nights i could do insanity @ night but the majority of the wrk outs will be in the morning is that a problem should i not get the program????

  47. Aaron Potts says:


    There is no “best” time to workout, despite what a lot of people say. What is most important is that you set up a schedule that is realistic for YOU PERSONALLY to be able to stick to the workouts, and that you fuel your body properly before as well as after the workouts to ensure that you get the most benefit.

    Insanity burns A LOT of calories, so if you are going to be working out in the morning, make sure that you either take in some calories before hand, and/or drink a recovery drink of some kind during the workouts. Insanity is well-known for burning through more calories than a person’s body can keep up with – and that’s a good thing – but at the same time, if you don’t have enough calories to fuel the workouts, that can limit the weight loss results that you’ll see.

    So, yes, get the program, and do the workouts whenever it works best for YOU!

  48. Aaron Potts says:


    That really depends on your present level of fitness. If you are totally out of shape and haven’t exercised consistently for a long time, then yes, I would recommend getting P90X first. P90X is super-intense, but from a cardiovascular training perspective, it is not as challenging as Insanity. That means that doing P90X first would help to get you ready for the all-out, incredibly intense Insanity workouts.

    The first time I did the Plyo X workout that is part of P90X, I could barely make it through the entire routine. By the time I got done doing all 60 days of Insanity, Plyo X was EASY compared to the Insanity workouts. That is the stark difference between the cardiovascular intensity of P90X vs. Insanity.

    Here is more info about P90X if you want to check it out:
    P90X (standard) w/2 Bonus DVD’s:
    P90X Peak Results w/Bonus DVD’s as well as equipment:

  49. Jordan Marino says:

    Hi, I just bought Insanity and im a week in I just took my day off and I love doing the workouts and i look forward to them everyday even though im very out of shape i used to be a very intense hockey and football player but then i turned into a video game junky within the last 2 years. Now i’m used to pushing my self beyond but right now im 265lbs and 6feet tall. Some of the workouts i have to give my self 1-2 extra breaks but i can usally get threw the whole thing. My question is would it be possible and how would i lose around 65lbs 2 get under that 200lbs so i can get on with my life of being in sports again.

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